For example, “6” starts the database monitor and starts debug. Some of these properties affect performance and others are server job attributes. This property has no effect unless “secure” is set to true and a key ring name is set using the “key ring name” property. Aug 23 at This optimization improves performance but may fail if a database monitor is active when a query is run more than once. Setting this property to true may slow performance because it requires retrieving more information from the system.

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When you specify a database name, the name must exist in the relational database directory on the system and correspond to either an independent Tj400 or the system default database.

Larger LOB thresholds will reduce the frequency of communication to the system, but will download more LOB data, even if it is not used. Additionally, setting this property to true enables support for the ResultSetMetaData.

The following example URL specifies a connection to the database on system mysystem.

I have done this successfully before, but I must have forgotten a step. You can notify a user about this post by typing username.

The order of the port numbers must match the order of the servers in the clientRerouteAlternateServername property. For example, when this property is off falseResultSetMetaData. If you choose to try this feature, please post problems you encounter using the bugs page for JTOpen at https: If no default SQL schema is set, then the driver resolves unqualified names based on the naming convention for the connection. Specifies the database to use for a connection to an independent auxiliary storage pool ASP.


Configuring the IBM Toolbox for Java

If failover or failback is successful, the driver throws an SQLException with SQL j400 codewith the next operation on the connection. Not sure I understand exactly where you mean. Connects to the database named by the specified URL. The server specified in the original connection string, and the servers specified in the clientRerouteAlternateServerName and clientRerouteAlternatePortNumber properties are retried, in order, when the current server is unavailable.

IBM Toolbox for Java: JDBC properties

When this value is set, the driver will no longer attempt jrbc connect to the portmapper or the signon server. Attempts to fail back connections to the primary server are made at transaction boundaries, after the specified interval elapses. The tables organize the properties into the following categories:. For example, “6” starts the database monitor and starts debug. Specifies the library for the SQL package. Specifies the decimal separator used in numeric literals within SQL statements.

This means that the driver does not throw an SQLException with SQL error code after a failed connection has been successfully re-established if the following conditions are true: It does not connect to DB2 for windows, unix, linux, or jfbc.

Can anyone help me or provide a sample code with the connection string connecting to a db2 with jt By default, all the resources associated with a statement are released when the statement is closed. Multiple types of trace can be started by adding these values together.


java – Establish connection to db2 using the jtjar – Stack Overflow

If this is not set, then the hostname and port are retrieved from the com. If this property is set to “false”, then result jdbcc data is not compressed.

If none is specified, then the user will be prompted, unless the “prompt” jdvc is set to “false”, in which case an attempt to connect will fail. The following tables list the different connection properties that are recognized by this driver. Aug 23 at Specifies whether input locators should be allocated as type hold locators or not hold locators.

Issue loading AS400 JT400 JDBC driver class

If retryIntervalForClientReroute or maxRetriesForClientReroute is not set, the default behavior is that the connection is retried for 10 minutes, with a wait time between retries that increases as the length of time from the first retry increases.

Specifies the port number to use for connecting to the server.

I am writing a very straight forward project to demonstrate to my bosses how quickly we can expose data on our AS systems as APIs to the web. This setting is only used if the “enableClientAffinitiesList” property is set to 1.