He started and finished at Sydney. As there is a shortage of beds in Darwin, the beaches are also fairly crowded at night! Press on, Clark, and get out of this river before it floods! And so it turned out, and it did, in fact, go all the way to Broome or considerably more than a hundred miles. In Southern Queensland there are long stretches of uninteresting straight roads broken only by numerous creek crossings, and, of course, by gum-trees of many and varied species. Somehow it seemed odd to find H.

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Well, it had rained, cattle trains had used it, it had dried out and the result was hard, severe, deep ruts.

Round Australia…in GT style

After a fuel stop and a good look under the car for any damage sustained on the aforementioned detour, which revealed nothing was amiss, I booked into the local for a night. A very good excuse for a noggin and natter—and they are open from 10 a. The rain went on all night, as did the gales and I set off to Perth on a very miserable morning. And since hiak contact with that kangaroo, caution and care loomed larger in my mind than usual.

The motel I chose was not quite finished but was excellent, especially when it is realized that it has no connection with the out-side world save for the three-hundred miles of road and its airstrip.

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But I had been fooled by the first part of it and my timetable was somewhat upset when I could barely exceed 25 m. And here it was, rough loose gravel badly corrugated which brought me back to earth and my speed down from around 65 to about And so it was Broome for breakfast and after some difficulty I found a suitable pump and re-fuelled. Up the other side and a search for the fuel pump was an adventure in itself and resulted in finding no fuel available after 7.


We chatted and decided to wait until the road works were completed before attempting this road again. Having refuelled at Mt.

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And so the next hundred miles of jungle had been transformed into one of the best stretches of road in Australia. The landlord was an amusing character who told me he thought they would get on with the bitumening in a couple of years when the road would be back to the state it was in before they started to build the bridge.

A cattle train consists of a ton truck or similar with a two-tier cattle-truck body and this pulls two trailers with similar bodies. All sources of information were unanimous that such a trip should be made between May and October as this is the dry season in the tropics south of the equator.

It turned out to be the only mechanical failure of the entire trip. It was successful, but at the expense of some minor styling modifications to the grille and bonnet of the car.

I felt it was just as well that I could not see the bridge properly in my headlights! And so it turned out, and it did, in fact, go all the way to Broome or considerably more than a hundred miles.

He intends to keep it in first-class shape until Riley produce what he considers a suitable replacement! As there is a shortage of beds in Darwin, the beaches are also fairly crowded at night!


Obviously fairly new and in excellent condition, it continued all the way to Wyndham, with the exception of a short stretch just out-side Wyndham, which was receiving attention. Far more pleasant motoring than the vast open spaces with flat straight roads.

Not being in England, this was not quite a straightforward choice.

Soon after leaving Mt. And even then it would be impassable in the wet season so why bother anyway! In August be wrote briefly to say that it had gone quite well. To my surprise it was a first-class graded gravel road and speeds of around 70 were possible without any discomfort. The Rock itself is surrounded by oceans of thick red bull dust and three small motels.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Off I set down a very rough track, very narrow and twisting between high banks before dropping fairly sharply to the bed of the creek—up the other side to a house and a hand pump.

In order to do this it is sometimes necessary to do quite vast mileages in a day. And so back to the coast road, and the journey north via Brisbane, Mackay, Rockhampton, Townsville and Innisfail to Cairns was, in the main, uneventful.

Very shortly I came up behind a caravan but there was no room to pass.