OS High Sierra Configuring Colorqube Printer Driver using Powershell. And when the Ethernet cable is plugged in, I can’t get into wireless settings in order to reset that. The error message persists even if I load paper in the manual bypass tray. Now, we need to create a new printer port.

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ColorQube 9303 Drivers & Downloads

If you have any additional problems, please pss us. Now we can go ahead and add the printer. I have an issue with a printer which with a specific file, when trying to print it provides the following error message:. Any insight or ideas to try? Configuring Colorqube Printer Driver using Powershell.

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I’ve tried to find a “Factory Reset” for this printer, but was unsuccessful. Hi, I’m just changing my fuser like my printer asked So far I’ve managed to get the drivers installed properly but I can’t manage to script a particular property setting.

I’ve googled for this issue, with no luck. This concludes the tutorial. Find your download in the downloads dialogue, and double click on the file. I’ve already tried setting the default by hand and analyzing registry differences that I could later set using Powershell, but I couldn’t find anything useful. On the next page, select your appropriate operating system, select ‘save file’, and click OK. The error message persists even if I load paper in the manual bypass tray.


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The closest I got was an instruction somewhere to use CentreWare to reset the printer, but they only have Windows version of that software. Enter your account number in the ‘default user ID’ section. Before we can install the new printer, we first need to download drivers for it. The xerox seems to have very few printer profiles.

You may name the printer whatever you wish. There appears to be a type 3 and type 4 driver.

My workaround with the file was 1st print to a new PDF and then print it, which worked, but wanna sp why that error came in, as it was only one file which gave the error. Embed this content in your HTML. It will print when in diagnostic mode.

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Colorquube server sees it fine. Hi, Long time user of my Xerox and for the most part its been problem free aside from Scan to PC stops working if my windows computer ever goes to sleep. It’s not a colorqubf but it is annoying. Now we need to specify what driver to use for the newly created printer. Give us a call, send an email, or just stop by one of our offices.


Does it need improvement? Also, print jobs get stuck in “decomposing” or “pending” and they cannot be deleted.

I suppose it’s a driver problem? Can any updates for windows?

Problems with PS global print driver and windows 10 version But the new xerox does not have a 10 X64 thank you. I’ve gone through every menu item I can access and reset colorquve I could find.